The Moon was at its nearest point to the Earth, the "perigee", during the early mornings of the 11th & 12th August, so I took advantage of the incredible zoom on my video camera to capture a short sequence. Notice the perceived movement of the Moon, it is in fact the rotation of the Earth.

The movement is even more pronounced in this second video, where the moon 'travels' from top left of the frame to bottom right. At the end I zoomed back to show the moon as it would normally be seen by the camera, quite a difference!

The musical accompaniment is by Mooshim featuring Paul Young (my 2nd cousin) on drums, it is taken from their second album Scratch which is available on line at Mooshim - you can download it for free (BOO!), or you could make an enormous donation (YES!). The piece is called Plastic Play House.

P.S. Sorry about the opening slide of the video, apogee is when the moon is furthest from Earth! Senior moment.

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