On the night of 23/24 October 2014 I passed my third night on board the boat in the basin, at the lower end of the double lock known as "L'écluse d'Ognon" near Homps.

The video is full length, i.e. it covers the half an hour needed to mount the two sections of the lock, I have interspersed stills and the output of two video cameras that I used to record our journey, a trip from Port Cassafieres to Trèbes, five days and nights of pure pleasure. I have maintained the overall timeline which includes two boats leaving the lock to our own exit at the top approximatively twenty-nine minutes. We were three on board which is ideal (although I could have used a technician) but my companions have made the same trip, and plenty of others, with just them on board during their twenty-seven years of visits from Canada.

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