The start of our second day, Barrie was up and ready to go for 09:00 when the locks opened, I was half asleep and had none of the equipment set-up to record the passage through the lock, therefore today's video starts with a still picture of the bottom gates of the "Béziers lock" taken from where we had spent the night. Then suddenly the gates were closed behind us and we began to rise. This lock has poles that permit you to merely pass your ropes behind, and slide them gently to the top, no throwing ropes, great!

A rather rapid start to the day but a very pleasant one in the shade of the trees. We all took our time and got our various acts together, and passed through the port of Béziers in full control.

There are bars and restaurants alongside the canal, and several boats are inhabited by 'live-aboards'

There are also several pleasure boats who take passengers up the Orb lock and on to the flight of locks at Fonserannes and finally they turn round at Colombiers.

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The second day of our October 2014 canal trip from Port Cassafières, near the village of Portiragnes, to Trèbes. We were relocating a boat for the company, ready for the start of next year's season, so everything was fairly flexible, although we had only five days for the trip. Today we had not set a target destination because our first priority of the day was the famous nine locks "Les neuf Écluses de Fonserannes" and we were not sure of the opening hours, or the demand that there might be.

We navigated just two locks in this episode, 'The Béziers lock' and 'The Orb lock'.

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